Sansa Clip instructions for idiots? I'm elderly and need simplicity.

I just purchased the Sansa Clip after reading reviews.  I was looking for the simplest device possible to replace my Sony Walkman cassette player.  I have music on my laptop currently in the form of windows mp3 files that I’d like to put on the Clip.  

Opening the box, there is a disappointing lack of instructions for seniors (complete technological idiots).   I gather that I at least need to plug it in to get to start charging off of the 5vdc supplied by my USB port.   The little screen says “connected” and there is a little battery icon in the upper left hand corner.  The icon is solid.  Generally, on other devices I’ve owned that is an indication that it’s charged fully.  But it has been solid from the start.

My main question is that I want a device that I can put files on and then listen to them.   Is it absolutely necessary to install Rhapsody to do this?  I know this sounds curmudgeonly, but I have an excuse.  I’m a senior citizen!     I don’t want to “open an account with rhapsody”.  I don’t want all of the wonderful features of belonging to rhapsody.  I don’t want all of the ‘flexibility’ of dealing with new rhapsody software.   I just want to put my laptop’s mp3 files on my new Sansa Clip,  wear the headsets, and press ‘play’.    Maybe adjust the volume.  Hopefully somewhere along that way the screen will indicate, without having to take Sansa 101, how to switch tracks.   

Is there such an “idiots” guide out there?    Thank you very much.  

Ok, sorry.  I did find and download the PDF instructions made available a few posts down in this forum.   I went back to the package contents to see if I might have missed something there.  Perhaps I still did.  But I’m elderly so I have an excuse.  But If I did not miss anything described therein, and there is no "please go to the following webpage to download instructions for this device at www.whatever then WHY THE HELL IS THERE NOT THIS INSTRUCTION IMMEDIATELY UPON OPENING THE PACKAGE???  

So,  ten minutes after opening and reading the PDF doc I’m up and running and listening to Pat Methany First Circle and getting goosebumps!   This is a wonderful little device!

Thanks and I’ll be back.   I’ll try to keep my caps under control as well.  But you know… I am a cranky ol’ **bleep**.    

Hi, Bluebeard…

 Actually,  Rhapsody is not necessary to download your files from the computer to the player.  I started out copying my files from their original location and pasting them directly into the music folder in my clip.  That’s the simplest way I know. 

     The way Sansa “pushes” the use of Rhapsody for new users, you’d think it was a necessary program.  My sister was in the same position as you.  Her free trial period had ended with Rhapsody & she didn’t want to pay to continue it. I didn’t get a chance to tell her she didn’t need that service because she gave away her clip before I could tell her.

     By the way, I think this is the best mp3 player I’ve ever had!  The display screen, sound quality, & price make it hard to pass up.  Also, Sansa has provided more updates in the 9 months that I’ve had this clip than in the 4 years I had my Creative player.  It seems like they really care about the customers!  

     I also recommend getting the Sony model mdrv150 headphones; they’re only $20 bucks at WalMart & they sound really good for the price.


Yes…First Circle is one of my favorites!  Have you heard the 5 rare tracks off of Pat Metheny’s “Secret Story-Special Edition”? Amazing stuff!

Yet another indication, to me, that SanDisk made a major mistake in implying in its Clip packaging that people need to install the Rhapsody crap.

By the way, Bluebeard, you kept putting yourself down as a “senior” in your posts, but given your ability to use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation, you’re already miles ahead of the average user of these forums.

Not wanting to start a flame war here, but I would not recommend the Sony MDR-V150 headphones. They sound pretty bad to me. Severe lack of clarity, very dull sounding unless you crank them way up. I had them and gave 'em away a long time ago.

For only $15 you can go to Amazon and get the JVC HA-S350B headphones of similar size and extremely better sound. They are more comfortable, have several ways to fold and have nice Sennheiser type earcushions. Also for under $10 you can get the JVC “Flats” which sound very good, but will have less bass due to the size and lack of pivoting earcups for better sealing.

Just my 8 cents worth (adjusted for inflation).

x2 on not liking the Sony MDR-V150 headphones. Are they better than the stock earbuds? Yes…but 14124all’s description of their sound is spot-on.

Please feel free to ask questions here–some features are not explained in the PDF manual. 

Some best suggestions, in my mind: 

–  update the firmware to the latest (see the Update thread at the top of the forum–it’s easy to do);

–  if you don’t use DRM’ed (protected) music/files, set the USB mode, under the Clip’s Settings, to “MSC” mode–it’s the more universal and will have your Clip operate like an external drive (if you use protected files, you will need to use “MTP” mode);

–  keep your USB mode on the Clip set, under Settings, to either MSC mode (recommended) or MTP (and don’t use Auto, which the Clip may be set at initially, and when updating the firmware (double-check that whenever you update the firmware)–the Clip may switch between the 2 USB modes under Auto)–when you connect to your computer, the computer will only see files put onto the Clip in the USB connection mode then being used with the computer, and so by setting and keeping to one USB mode, you will always be able to easily see all your files when you connect to your computer;

–  and finally, I really think the easiest way to get files onto and off of the Clip is the good old-fashioned way:  drag and drop or copy and paste, although I know that many like using separate software such as Windows Media Player.


re headphones … I’ve seen the Sennheiser CX300-B now on sale at various places for less than $20 … good deal?

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I cannot get my Sansa clip to display the menu such as Genre or Artist (it did at one time). It will only play the current artist and that’s all. When I go Back it will only display Disc or the same artist songs.  How do I get my original Menu back so I can play all of the music?  I’ve pressed all the buttons a hundred times to get there. Thanks

Have you checked out the User Manual, available in one of the sticky threads at the top of this forum–does that help?

Most specifically, check out pp. 4 and 13 of the Clip manual. To get to the main menus, press the small home button at the 1 o’clock position on the face of the player, and then use the left/right buttons to get to the Music selection–when you have that, press the center select button, and you should have the various database listings (artist, album, etc.), which you can navigate to using the down button, and then select the option you want with the center select button or the right button. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Question: are the arrows supposed to stop moving when data transfer is complete?  Mine don’t.

Just received a 4GB Clip+ for Christmas.  Managed to create a playlist in WMP11 and transferred it to the Clip+ using the Sync feature.  BUT the little arrows indicating data being transferred never stop moving.  Heeding the warning to never disconnect the Clip+ during data transfer, I closed it in Win XP Task Manager and shut down my PC before disconnecting the USB cable.  The transfer was successful as the Clip+ works as expected.

At 70, I’m not elderly but I too would appreciate more detail in the instructions.

I don’t think they’re supposed to stop, the player probably doesn’t even know what windows is doing to it. Whenever Windows finishes copying, you can just hit eject on the PC (under mycomputer or in the task bar by the clock). Windows will check that everything is done and let you know that its safe to remove it.

remove the sticker from the screen, it’s blocking the display :smiley:

Your prompt reply is appreciated.  I thought that, as you stated, the arrows never stop moving but because of the dire warning in the manual, I wanted to be sure.  I see now that the arrows always move when the Clip+ is connected to the PC.

Is there any to determine if a data transfer is in progress?

This is my first MP3 player - an amazing piece of technology.  I’ve got over 150 CDs with over 2600 songs (@192 Kbps) on a 16GB microSD card.

Have a great New Year.

Usually when I transfer data and want to be sure the transfer is done, I look at the player’s display to see if the word “writing”, and sometimes “reading” still pop up every so often.  If I don’t see that, I wait for several more seconds and then on the lower right-hand corner of your computer screen there should be an icon in the taskbar that says “Safely Remove Hardware” when you place your cursor over it.   This is for Windows XP.

You can right-click on that and a window will pop up with a list of the USB Mass Storage Devices listed.  Then scroll through that list until you see the two drives that are listed for the player.  There will be a USB symbol and “USB Mass Storage Device” just above that.  You can click on the USB symbol  which will highlight both drives and then click on the button that says “stop”. 

 Another box will pop up with the two drives listed in the little window and if it’s showing the correct drives, then click on the “OK” button.  You wiil then get a pop-up message by the taskbar that it is now safe to remove the hardware.  

The only thing left to do now is to unplug your device.  And if you don’t, you will get a nag pop-up that will remind you.  lol

Nicely, when you use the “Safely Remove Hardware” facility/icon to disconnect your player from your computer, it will tell you if it is not safe to do so–that is, if data still is being transferred. A good habit to get into (using the “Safely Remove Hardware” method in disconnecting USB hardware from your computer).

@pcklutz wrote:

Your prompt reply is appreciated.  I thought that, as you stated, the arrows never stop moving but because of the dire warning in the manual, I wanted to be sure.  I see now that the arrows always move when the Clip+ is connected to the PC.


Is there any to determine if a data transfer is in progress?


This is my first MP3 player - an amazing piece of technology. 


Have a great New Year.

You should generally be using the “eject” or “safely remove USB device” option in Windows. When you do, Windows will wait for any transfer to complete them safely eject the player. I wouldn’t trust the display on the player to tell you the right thing anyway. In USB mode, a device is basically a dumb appliance, its the PC thats in control.