Sansa Clip radio not playing

I’ve only had my Sansa clip for 4 weeks and am a complete novice to this so if I’m being an idiot then please bear with me!  Got it all to work fine but suddenly the radio has stopped working, music plays OK though.  Have I pressed something I shouldn’t have?  Thanks

By any chance, have you pressed the 12 o’clock play/pause button, which actually will stop the radio playback? If so, press it again to “start” the radio again.

Well I wouldn’t have believed it (pausing in FM but playing in music), so I had to try it. Indeed, if you pause the player when playing FM, switch to music which plays, then switch back to FM, the player is still in pause mode. Note, when in play mode the display shows a forward arrow which changes to a square when paused (I never noticed this until composing this response).