Sansa Clip+ radio fading in and out when moving.


I have purchase the Sansa Clip+ yesterday for the radio mostly since I have an Ipod already.  But the sound keep changing while walking, also sound can be good or bad.

I know many will say its depending of the zone, but NO! I had the Sansa Clip before (not the + version) and had no issue at all.  I lost it and deceided to buy another clip.  The + version has VERY VERY bad radio signal reception!!!

My GF buyed the same at same time, She has same issue! so its not a deffective device or we both have a bad one?

Anyone know if there a fix?

– Tried to update Firmware from this site, still bad.

I’ve read it was a design change between the Clip & Clip+ that reduced the radio quality.

lol… sad for SanDisk, many people will return they product because of that.

 Its not acceptable to hear so bad sound quality.

Im returning it tonight and will buy another product, same for my GF

Yeah, too bad.  You have to get what’s best for you.  I only rarely use mine for radio – to listen for school closings – only one radio station programmed and it works fine for that. I wouldn’t know that sound degraded between the Clip & Clip+ except I read it here. 

I’m in a large, congested urban area and have had no issue with FM radio reception on my Clip+.

I wish mine only faded in and out…I have been enjoying BBC and NPR in the ealy mornings and this morning the radio is dead, although my mp3’s continue to play.  Any ideas?

Try a reset (hold the on button down for 20-30 seconds). 

The FM radio in the Sansa Clip+ is very poor. Mine has low signal quality where my iRiver player has great reception. The Clip+ radio also only works for about two minutes at a time. The frequency drifts and at about two minutes it has drifted so far away from the station that it is so scratchy and distorted that I cannot understand what is being said. I have to either turn the unit off and then back on again or tune the radio frequency up and back down to the original station to get reception. Then it only lasts for another two minutes and I have to do that all over again. SanDisk service is also lousy and they refuse to do anything about saying that this is “standard performance for portable music players”. Such ignorance!