FM Radio Sound Problem

I just bought the clip+ 2GB. The sound quality is excellent for my mp3 songs. However, whenever I tune to a radio station, the volume seems to be jittering. In particular, whenever I touch the device or start walking while listening to a station, the volume automatically drops down or goes up. I think that someting may interfere with the radio antenna, but I am not  so sure. Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.  

Do a search; you’ll find you’re not the only one having problems with the Clip+'s FM reception. It’s the way they’re built.

Personally, I’ve not had this issue.  Perhaps the antenna/earphone cord stays stationary when I move, preventing the issue?

They don’t all have issues; as I understand it there are 2 different FM chips used. One works; the other not so much. But regardless of the chip inside, they all lack the interference sheilding that the original Clip had (in order to fit in the card slot and a slightly larger battery), so even at it’s best it’s more prone to interference and static.

Or so I’ve read. Personally, I don’t use the FM so I can’t really say how mine works.

Tapeworm wrote:. Personally, I don’t use the FM so I can’t really say how mine works.


Same here.

I guess, I have to follow your advice and not use the radio anymore :) 

Maybe the problem is in the signal not the unit. Because mine has also the same issue to.

Mine too, and it’s a replacement for a Clip+ which broke!

To try to help,I’d keep the headphone cable, which acts as the FM antenna, extended as long as practical, and stationary if you’re not moving around.