FM quality deteriorating

Two months ago I bought an 8GB clip which I am using it in Germany in european mode (with 0.05 MHz steps in FM sender location).

The clip found some FM senders. When I listen to one of them, after a certain time (5 to 10 minutes) the sender quality deteriorates and the sound gets fuzzy. If I manually advance and reset the sender, sound becomes clear again. This happens while staying at home and even while staying at the same place (my desk).

The phenomenon did not occur with two other clips which I owned (both froze after a few months usage and could not be reset, luckily still during the warranty period).

Do you know the problem or what can be done about it?

Sorry to say, it’s defective. We’ve heard similar reports from others on this issue.

Now, the positive news is:  your player is covered by SanDisk’s replacement warranty.   :)    If your player can’t be exchanged where you purchased it, contact SanDisk directly. 

“Now, the positive news is:  your player is covered by SanDisk’s replacement warranty.”

 OH REALLY???  You’re certainly not the guy from Sansa who emailed me to say that this is normal and that a new unit would not help me. I also have this terrible frequency drift issue. The tuner is just worthless. Sansa said the FM radio is just an added feature and not the main function of the unit…so they basicaly don’t care. They also said that this is the standard in radio reception for small portable players. Well I’m here to tell you that they are ignorant and very stupid.

My FM radio generally works fine, in a congested urban area.

And if yours doesn’t, I’d press for a warranty replacement.