Sansa Clip Problem

I am not able to get english characters on the menu screen.  What I get is some kind of oriental symbols.  It is going to be really hard to figure out how to play the music that I loaded if I have to learn this symbol language first. 

Is there some user manual that I can down load?

Obviously someone’s changed the language on your player. Yes, there is a user manual available here: go to Sansa general information on the top of this page. However, the user manual just states:


1. Press Menu button to return to the Main Menu.

2. Move to Settings and select it.

3. Select Language.

4. Select a desired language.


Some Sansa owner can surely tell you in which order the menus appear on the Sansa to be able to navigate to the Settings menu. I would guess that it could be the last menu there is but then you still need to be able to navigate to language menu (in the user manual the language appears as the fifth heading: if the headings are in the same order as the menu items this might be the menu you need.


However, maybe the easiest way is to reset the player:



If the Sansa® Clip player freezes up, slide the Power Button up and hold it for

approximately 15 seconds. This is like a power down of the device. Once you

perform the reset, the adjustments you made during the last operation will be gone.