Language issues

When my daughter opened her Sansa clip, she somehow set the language to something other than English.  Can somebody walk me through how to change is (reset all would be fine)…seeing as how I can’t read what’s on the screen…

Just tell me to go down, right, whatever.  It would be greatly appreciated.

If you press the on switch up and hold it there for about 15 seconds (according to the manual), this will reset the player.

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It apparently resets it if it gets hung…

It won’t work for the language.

If you’re starting on the main menu, at “Music”: press up once (“Settings”), press the center button (the settings options), press down three times (to get to the “language” option); then choose English, first on the list. Note: it seems that once you click an option (under any menu), the Clip will start on that option next time you go to that menu, so the above might not work if you’ve clicked around . . . hope this makes sense. :smiley:  

okay…you can easily fixed this…turn on your player…see where it is?  Try to press the top right button to escape out to the main menu…from the main menu…you should see the icon…choose the icon with the 4 bars (2 middle bars are moving up and down)…that icon is the setting icon.  Choose that icon…then press down until you see “FM xxxxxx”, the option above “FM xxxx” is the language option…choose that and then choose your language back to English and you should be fine.

I am having the same problem.  None of these answers are helping either.  If you can’t read the thing, how do you know which is menu?

That’s why…look at the icon…you need to get out to the main menu first…then look at the icon to know where you are…that’s the only way for now…

:smileyvery-happy:  Okay, I don’t know how, but I messed with it and followed what you said and it WORKED!!!   Yay!!


  1. Voice Record Icon

  2. Settings Icon

  3. Music Icon

  4. FM Radio Icon

  5. Language option selection

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