My sansa clip has a foreign language on menu screen

How do I change menu screen to english? all the songs are written in english but the menu is in chinese or something that I cant understand.

Try here. Its Option #3

Thanks for the quick response. I’ve tried that but I dont know how to negotiate through the menu sceen in a different language so I just go over and over without success.

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Does that mean it worked?

No I’ve tried it in a hundre different combos. but without english I cant seem to revert it

Did you read my link? Does it appear to be playing? If so hit the home button, then scroll thru till you see what looks like an equalizer hit enter, go down 4 options. Then what I would do is choose the first choice in that menu, if thats not english try the same thing again only choose the next option. Or call Sandisk and they can tell you exactly what to choose.

Or reapply the firmware and choose English as the language.

Thank You very much.

For Sansa Clip Zip: Select settings (gears). Select first option (System Settings). Select ninth option (Language). Choose language.

Click Here for Youtube Demonstration

Pops and No Rick Roll

Since I cannot read the language displayed on the sansa clip, how do I know which setting to select  to change back to English?

I know the question is redundant  but I could use some advise.

Did you watch the YouTube video linked to above? It really doesn’t get any simpler. English is always the top (1st) option and is always listed in the options as “English” regardless of what language the player is set to.

Or, if you would prefer, simply reapply the latest firmware (see the firmware upgrade sticky thread above) in the course of which you will have the chance to choose your language.