Sansa Clip not working

I have Clip (2 GB) and all the system requirements to use it and it was working fine with too. But when i tried to charge it with an external AC adaptor it was dead for some time and too warm. I tried reseting it holding power button up for 15 seconds (as instructed in user manual). It worked, its on again but now its not recognized by any system even it doesn’t show “connected” or “Writing” when I connect it to the system. I also tried switching it to MSC mode but no luck there…FM radio and Sound recorder are working fine…I think that AC adaptor has caused this problem.

Here is AC adaptor info

AC 110-250 V
50/60 Hz
AC 10 mA

DC 6.00 V
DC 200-300 mA

Model - YJ-1008

Can anyone help on this

Yes, you probably fried your Clip.

The standard USB voltage is 5.0 volts and typically 500 ma. And beware of any “charger” that sets a minimum current as the voltage may go too high when your Clip draws less than this minimum current. This happens when the battery is fully charged.

i gotta disagree… all usb chargers output the same volts… pc or ac… overcharging just aint gonna happen…at least it would be way down on the list of faults… other threads w/your prob ended up w/faulty cable (diff cable fixed prob) and cable not fully seated.  i havent seen thread that ever ended w/ disk absolutely fried by charger … maybe new end here, but it aint gonna be about charger gone amuck

ok heres the case…

the same thing happend to mine…it used to work fine charging it thru the PC…untill i got this usb car charger…

and when i connected …the clip never charged…and it bcame warm…so basically i fried it…!

what i did then is i checked some things , which i should have done before…

voltage of the player…= 5.0 v

PC USB volt = 5.1 v

CAR USB VOLT= 5.22 v

phone charger with a mini usb port volt = 5.7 v

so in simple i dont thing u can use any of the above except the PC chargin method…

 so amkoas…your wrong…not all usb outlets have the same voltage…it depend what u feed it with…

 if im wrong please comment …i would love to know more…