After-market charger? Necessary voltage/amps/etc.? This one okay to use?

I want to get a charger that I can plug into a regular electrical outlet, but don’t want to fry the clip (heh), so I was wondering what the appropriate voltage/wattage/amps/etc. for the clip are?

Better yet, would this charger at the link here be okay to use?

Let me know… Thanks! :slight_smile:

Likely, although there are virtually no specs there, and so it’s hard to be certain.  If you’re looking for a low-cost charger, I probably would go for an alternate at (it lists many) that actually shows some information, to try to assure workability.

There are some separate threads here on chargers–you may want to do a search using the search box above and check them out.

You asked, but this may not be what you really want to know :slight_smile:

The clip, plugged into my PC, is reporting MaxPower of 500 mA.  This is the USB high power mode (in fact, 500 mA is the max cuurent a USB device is ever allowed to draw), so the voltage spec is 4.75V < Vbus < 5.25V.

To get into high power mode required a software negotiation with the Clip.  According to the spec, it must connect to the bus in low power mode (using less than 100 mA).  A “dumb” charger would fall into this category and it’s Vbus specs would be 4.40V < Vbus < 5.25V.

The above is true for both USB 1.1 and USB 2.0.

I would guess that a charger has enough “smarts” to enable the high power mode. It wouldn’t take much.

When I plug the clip into my hub (with the hub disconnected from the computer) it charges, according to the battery icon, and it plays. I have no way to know what mode it is in. (/me wonders if the hub is smart enough to do the power negotiation - anyone know?)

I guess I should cut a cable and hook it straight to a power supply and see what it does.  The clip can’t draw more than 100 mA, per spec, but the interesting questions are: does it charge? does it play? how much power does it draw? Is it worth sacrificing a cable? (My son emphatically says “yes” to the latter. - Maybe I’ll get back on this one)

And yes, I am an engineer. I have the USB specs and I have read them (several times). The clip conforms to those specs.


Thanks for the post. Can you give me an Amazon link that has a list of them? I can’t find any others…

And what specs am I looking for? Is it just 5V?

Try as a start:

Some particular models to look into further at (just as a start): (house and car adapters, and Clip case; also available separately)

Plus see various items put out by PCMicroStore (also listed at, as noted above), listed for use with the Clip:

Plus, on eBay, listed for Sansa players:

Oh, and 5V, and 500mA or higher (the mA, NOT the V).

Ok, I did my little experiment with a power supply.  Not that this helps M-3PO, but some of you might find this interesting.

It’s probably best to add a bit of a dislaimer here.  I advise everyone NOT to do this.  If you hook it up wrong, you will very likely blow your clip out.  If you set the voltage wrong, you will likely blow your clip out.  You might even gets some nasty smoke.  I’ve been designing hardware and software professionally for over 30 years and (I think) I know what I am doing. So don’t even think about blaming me if you do something bad to your clip.

I cut a USB-A to USB-mini-B, tossed the USB-A end into a junk box and trimmed back the ends on the red and black leads on the mini-B half. I hooked the Vbus and ground to a high quality bench power supply set to 5.0V (not a cheapy wall wart).  D- and D+ were left unconnected.

I plugged it into my clip (which was off) and it came on, drawing around 140mA.  The battery charge animated icon indicated it was charging and I could play music, listen to the radio, etc., as it continued to charge.

The current varied from 120-140mA as I played with it. (It is out of the 100mA spec!)

When I turned the clip off, the current dropped to 0, therefore it is not charging when off.

So, a 5V/150mA charger should do the trick.  200mA to be on the safe side.

I think I’ll hook it up to a 4xAA, 2.6Ah NiMH battery pack (4.8V) and see what happens.  That should run it good long while.  (Note here that if you try this with 4 Alkaline batteries, it’ll probably blow your clip out because 4 of them would be 6V, Alkalines are 1.5V, NiMH and NiCd are 1.2V)


This one looks pretty good – but it doen’s  list the V for the wall charger. And it says 12v for the car charger! Is this all definitely for the Clip? (I know the case is… :slight_smile: )

Let me know the scoop – thanks!

Here’s the info. from the webpage.  Although it doesn’t specify the amperage, it does specify that this is compatible for the Clip along with Creative Zen players, and so I think one would be ok with this.

Note that the pricing at the company’s website is different than at and that different packages are available–you might want to see what fits you best and is cheapest.  Also, the opening page of the site has a 10% off code to use right now (end-of-year special?), and shipping is free (built into the cost).;pl:1


Key selling bullets:

- Keep your Creative Zen V and Zen V Plus charged at your home, office or when you’re traveling

  • Compatible with Creative Zen V and Zen V Plus 1gb, 2gb, 4gb, 6gb and 8gb
  • Charger specifications are the same as the home/travel charger that came with your Zen V Plus
  • Enhanced internal circuitry to manage charging status and prevent over- and under-charging
  • Integrated electrical fuse to prevent damage to Zen V Plus  or battery
  • Specification:
  • Input voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz
  • Output voltage: 5V
  • Cable length: 150cm

System and other requirements

  • Compatible with Creative Lab Zen V and V Plus 1/2/4/8GB
  • Compatible with Creative Zen (Small Wonder) 4/8/16GB
  • Compatible with Sansa Clip 1/2GB

Product dimensions and warranty information

  • Standard Warranty: 1 Year


I didn’t see the 10% coupon… Can you send a direct link to that?


At the site’s opening page, at the top covering 1/4 of the webpage (as an alternating image)…


code = pcmicro10%off

Ordered the charger and a case – thanks!


In case someone is doing a search here, the AC adapter that sometimes shipped with the Mio C310x GPS unit also works with the Clip.

This seller on ebay has oodles of positive reviews, and is selling home + car chargers and silicone case for $17 shipped. I’m thinking about this for my sisters (bought 2 clips for Christmas) Message Edited by johnetx on 01-01-2008 09:14 AM

Message Edited by johnetx on 01-01-2008 09:14 AM

Guys, Gals,

IMHO, it’d be extremely helpful if we have a (sticky) thread that lists of external AC adaptors that have been confirmed to work with
the Sansa Clip
Perhaps, a list of ones to avoid as well


LMAO this is one reason I returned my C250 in favor of the Clip - I can charge it with a standard cable and any one of several cell phone chargers I have that use the mini USB connector - I already had 12V vehicular AND mains powered recharging capability for my goofy smart phone.

If you have a Windows Mobile phone or similar device with the USB mini plug and have a charger for it, you’re already golden.

Oh, BTW - you can LISTEN to it while it’s charging “standalone”, unlike when connected to a PC!


found one from - free shipping
there’s a white one also
anyone’s using them with their clip?

i have a 5v 500 mA charger from a motorola product. woudl this be ok to use for a clip ? i’m not sure about how the mA effects things…

The current rating, in milliamperes, is the maximum capability of the charger.  When it charges in fast mode (initial charge rate), this is a good thing.  The Clip likes a USB 2.0 port to charge; the USB standard for a “2.0” port is 500mA too.

Bob  :wink:

@lhmiii wrote:
i have a 5v 500 mA charger from a motorola product. woudl this be ok to use for a clip ? i’m not sure about how the mA effects things…

That should work just fine.  (The mA is the max. current that can be supplied by the charger; the higher, the better (the Clip will take only what is needed–this is not like voltage, where a different rating can blow your electronics).  500 mA is more than enough for the Clip.)