Mains charger for my Clip

Hi all,

Just got my new clip and it is awsome !!! well pleased with it.

Would one of THESE be ok with my clip.

Cheers Greame:smiley:

The amperage is fine (500 mAh), but the voltage may be high at 6 V.–you should look for a 5 V. output charger (which is common).  (No electrician here–perhaps someone else will have a better idea of this.) 

Thankyou , got one:stuck_out_tongue:

6 volts is wierd, I wonder if it’s a typo.  USB spec is 5 volts, .5 amps.  Many USB chargers will have higher amps (1 amp is common), which is fine (just charges faster).  But I’ve never seen one that wasn’t 5 volts.