sansa clip MTP Device Access Denied

I’ve bought a sansa Clip+ 4GB, I have connected it to the PC using the USB cable bundled in the box and Windows recognized a new driver and offerd to search for drivers. I then recieved a message that although the a driver was found,installation has failed becase “access is denied”  to the MTP device.

Tried switching to MSC and its the same problem only with it appearing as USB and not MTP.

Any thoughts? I’ve checked online post and didn’t found any problem excatly like it.

Forgot to mention I’m using Windows Vista,

I have heard Vista can be a pain. Are you logged in  on the computer as Administrator? If not, then I think the default for other users may limit what can be done with USB devices. You might need to log in as administrator, or have the administer log in and change the permissions for other users?

I guess  you need to have removable storage and portable media serial number service enabled in permissions(right click on my computer, select manage, then choose services. I guess setting them to manual is okay, but make sure they aren’t disabled).

Which version of Windows Media Player do you have? The MTP driver comes with Windows Media Player. If your version is old, you need to install the new version for MTP to work.

I have only one User in Vista so its admin by defult. Also I’m Using Media player 11,updated to latest version.

Please explain to me in more detail how I change the premisions.


Tried installing the driver on my laptop(also runing VISTA) and it works,so basicly there is some kind of problem with the PC itself or the Vista’s configurations.

If the Clip+ isn’t allowing transfer, you can use the device’s onboard format function to clear the device (which will erase all media from the device, unfortunately), but you should be able to address the device after a formatting.

Can’t stress how important it is to have backups of all your music on the PC…

You can try deleting the wmpinfo.sys file from the root directory of the Clip+, then see if MTP is restored.  Once you transfer another file from Windows Media Player, if that’s used for your music library, the file will be regenerated automatically.

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Formatting the player is a good idea. I think some of the sample files that came on the player may be corrupted.

Another thing to try is downloading the firmware again and reinstalling it.

Do a Google search on Windows permissions. There are many pages on the subject.

“Can’t stress how important it is to have backups of all your music on the PC…”

I suggest putting backups of your compressed music on DVD-R disks as well. Many ask why they should make DVD backups when they have the original CDs, but making mp3 files again from hundreds or perhaps thousands of CDs can be very time consuming. DVD-R disks may now be the cheapest form of long term backup storage. I recently paid $11 for a 50 spindle for TDK CD-Rs. At 22 cents a disk for around 4.4 GB of storage, that is only 5 cents per GB.