Sansa Clip+ not connecting in mtp mode

I use my clip+ for listening to books that require drm. It connected and worked fine with my desktop pc, but when it  (desktop) crashed I transferred it (clip+) to my laptop. When trying to connect in mtp mode windows opens a new hardware wizard and will look for a driver but can not set up clip+. I upgraded windows media player to the newest version, installed all current windows updates including service pack3, installed the windows mtp pack 12, reformatted the clip+, installed the newest firmware from Sansa, but it still will not connect in mtp mode. It does connect fine in msc mode, but msc mode will not allow playing of drm protected files. Most of my hair is pulled out now - any help??

You might try starting all over with the laptop.  Go to the device manager (depending on your Windows operating system) and uninstall the Clip’s driver, if one is there (and even if you don’t think there will be one there, based on your experience).  Then attach your Clip to your computer and let the driver install again.  This has worked for me in the past, with a connection issue. 

Thanks for your input. I have tried removing the sansa clip from the device manager and unplugging / plugging in, but it still responds the same way. I downloaded the sansa updater - though it doesn’t seem to work right. I may try downloading just the driver from another source.

Set the USB mode to MTP manually, going to settings > system settings > USB Mode > MTP. This will hold the device in the desired mode.  If you connect, go to the Device Manager and right click on the device, selecting uninstall.

Upon reconnect, the PC will reinstall.

Do you have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed on the PC?

Bob  :dizzy_face:

I only used MTP mode for a short time on my Sandisk players, however I have a feeling that your player might connect to your new pc if you first format it, deleting all the files on it. Just deleting all the MTP transferred files you put on the player from your old pc rather than formatting the player might be enough to get it to connect to your new pc in MTP mode. If you have copies of all the files on your player also on your new pc, then formatting the player may be worth trying.

As Bob suggested, first make sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or later installed on your new PC.