sansa clip locked up with blue ring and flower

Hi, I have a 4gb clip and it is stuck on the blue and ring flower display screen. I have tried the basic reset and putting it on hold and holding the center button down while hooking it up to my computer, though I don’t know what that is supposed to accomplish. i have windows 7 and also xp and have been running the clip succesfully from both.

Can anyone walk me though reformatting or recovering this clip it is very handy to have and I don’t want to give up on it. thank you

Are you holding the on switch long enough, when doing the reset? It can easily take 30 seconds, if not more. Otherwise, can you connect up to a wall power outlet using a USB AC adapter? That might set matters straight. If these tricks don’t work (and others don’t have other suggestions), you might need to let the Clip run out of power and then charge it up again, to be able to use it.

it seems pretty intent on holding to the blue ring and flower status ,  I will give your suggestions a try. thanks