Sansa Clip is unresponsive (Malfunction)

To start things off, I’ve owned a Sansa Clip 2g for about a month now, and I have never experienced problems with it until today… although I am to blame for causing it to malfunction. The way it went down was that when I was attempting to get some songs from my sisters Mac that I wanted (my laptop is Vista, so I was unfamiliar with the sudden change in systems), I didn’t eject the Sansa Clip properly from the USB. It ended up screwing up, and now I can’t get it to work since it tends to freeze when I turn it on (after holding the power button for 15 seconds or less). Does anyone have any advice on how I can fix it, or at the very least be able to reset it so that it can work? By the way, thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

You can try connecting manually in MSC mode (unless it’s already in this mode), and run chkdsk  on the Clip.

Or, right click on the device in MSC mode, and check the volume for errors.

If this does not work, format from Windows, then safely remove the Clip.  Afterwards, use the Format command on the device, and reload your music.


I’m sorry to ask, but what is MSC mode? I just did a bit of research now, and it led me towards another page in these forums stating that I should press and hold the center button while I connect the Clip into the computer. From there, what do I do? I didn’t notice anything pop up on my desktop, so I’m a bit confused if I did something wrong, or whether the Clip is being unresponsive… 

MSC mode is one of the 2 USB connection technologies that the Clip can use to connect to your computer.  With more modern Clip firmwares, you can set the player to MSC mode under Settings/USB.  Or you can “force” it by putting the player into hold (on switch all the way down–did you do that first?) and then connect the Clip to the computer while holding the Clip’s center button down. 

MSC mode has fewer requirements than the other USB connection mode, MTP, and so can connect to more computers/operating systems.  But MTP mode is needed for DRM music and music subscriptions.

Oh, okay, I understand that part now. I’ve successfully placed my Clip into MSC mode, but now I don’t know as to what to do next… I’m not very sure as to what MicroSansa was referring to by running chkdsk on the Clip, or about right clicking the device and checking the volume. That last part also confused me entirely… >.< 

basically you might run a check on it as if it were a generic disk (say a hard disk, or a usb “key”)

the exact command depends on you and the operating system, fsck, chkdsk, or (e.g. xp) right click on the sansa in msc mode (should show up as a - say - removable usb key) , properties, tools, check now.

as an alternative, if you know that you can simply re-put the songs on the clip without buying them again, simply reformat it, there’s a specific menu entryunder settings.