Sansa Clip Freezes and Will Not Sync

I have had my Clip for more than a year. I’ve been careful with it and before this never had any problems. The other day it completely froze up.  Then it deleted all my music.  When I connected the device to my computer,  the computer would not recognize it.  Windows told me the player was malfunctioning and to replace it.  It dings like it’s connecting, but WPM doesn’t show the Clip on the list.  Then the Clip will disconnect itself.  It can be started, but the loading is super slow and then it freezes and powers off almost instantly.   Can my Sandisk be restored or will I have to replace it?  If it comes down to sending it off to be fixed, I won’t do it.   

Don’t worry, you won’t have to send it in to be fixed. SanDisk does not repair any devices. I’d try formatting it, and see if that clears things up. You’ll have to reload all your music, but you’d have to do that with a new player anyway.

Freezing can sometimes be caused by bad ID3 tags or corrupted files.