Freezes on loading screen/absolutely no response

My sansa clip+ accidentally got left on and the battery depleted to almost nothing, so I plugged it into the computer, let it charge overnight, and in the morning I pulled it out of the computer. When I did, it froze on the “connected” screen. I’ve had this problem before, so I tried turning it off and back on. This time, it froze on the logo screen right after it reads Sandisk. It’s been doing this for days, and won’t respond to anything, and when I plug it into the computer, the computer doesn’t even recognize a device is plugged in. Please help. The player is almost brand new and I’m ready to never again buy another Sansa product.

Did you try a system reset?  (Hold the on button down for 15-30 seconds.)

Yes, it doesn’t work. 

Same with me. 

The worst experience and Utterly disappointed with Clip.

Do you have an wall charger you could try?  When you intially plugged it into the computer was it charging ok?  Did you remove it (safely) before the computer shut down?  What USB mode were you using?

Try holding in the center button when you plug it into the computer.

Can you still access the device when it is plugged into USB?

Another thing: When powering the device on it doesn’t display “SanDisk”, it displays “Sansa”  which then morphs into the logo. “SanDisk” is only displayed when the device is connected to USB. Error on your side or does the device maybe think it is still in USB mode for some reason.

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Yes, I do have a wall charger, and the same thing happens. It charges with both the wall charger and the computer, but it does not show the charging bar or come out of the sansa logo. And yes, it was fine when I first started charging it. 

I am starting to believe that while it was charging at night, there was a power surge, and the computer quickly shut down and then came back on. Do you think this could somehow have caused the problem?

grumbel: No, I can’t. And yes, that was error on my part. I does display “sansa” then it goes into the logo and freezes.

Did you try holding the center button in and then connecting it to the computer?

Yes, nothing happens still.

You may want to telephone SanDisk Customer Service about this–you might need a warranty replacement (which SanDisk is good about).  In the U.S.:  1-866-SANDISK (726-3475).  And other SanDisk contact information: