Sansa Clip display not working

My display is totally blank.  I made sure it was charged and when turning on the power, the circle lights up for a few seconds but the display never comes on.  I can see there are files my viewing through my PC explorer.  I even got the radio to come on by pushing some random selections.

Why is the dispaly not working.  Is this thing totally worthless now?

Well, not worthless:  in a worst-case scenario, you’re covered by your warranty, for a replacement. 

The only thought (apart from contacting SanDisk):  try a hard reset by holding the on switch in the uppermost position, for 15-20 seconds.

I had the exact same problem when I bought a refurbished Sansa Clip from Best Buy.

I fixed my Sansa Clip by taking it apart and cleaning a couple of the connections.

I wrote detailed instructions and took pictures, you can view them here:

Many thanks for putting up a page with your experience and instructions–super!  And glad to hear that you’re up and running again–