Display stopped working

I have used my new Clip for maybe four hours.  Last night while listening to an audio book the display stopped funtioning so now I can not navigate the menus.  It still plays and connects to the computer, the navigation wheel still lights up and that is the only way I can tell it is powering up or down. A reset didn’t help and it has the latest firmware.

I assume the Clip will need to be replaced.

how did it happened? was it ever dropped?  just call sandisk @ 8667263475 and most likely, it will be replaced.

No, it was never droped and I was just sitting in a chair.  The display was working when I started the audiobook and the next time I hit the pause button the display was completly dark, can’t see a thing on it.

Must’ve been a book it didn’t like.

Critcs . . . everywhere! :stuck_out_tongue: