No display


My daughter has 2gb Sansa Clip, somehow the screen has gone blank. I have tried reset (hold power button up for 30 seconds), could it be that she has reset the brightness to nill, or would this have been sorted in the reset? I guess the screen could be broken but if not I wonder if anyone has a click by click way of increasing the brightness. I have been on the manuel but since I can’t see the options it is not much help.

You could try connecting the Clip to your computer and reapplying the firmware, to see if that helps.


 I tried that, I’m afraid it didn’t work. I am getting the feeling that the display is shot.

Are you within the warranty period, by any chance?  If so, I’d try SanDisk for a replacement.  If not … arggh!  Maybe just leave the Clip plugged in to charge for a day or 2–sometimes, charging has fixed issues.