Display is blank

All of a sudden the other day, the display on my Sansa Clip went blank.  It’s completely blank (as opposed to the light just being dim).  The buttons below the display do light up appropriately when the device is turned on.  It seemed to be playing the music just fine.  I’ve tried to reset the device, and that has done nothing.  I just now updated the firmware.  That didn’t solve the problem either, and to make matters worse, the device isn’t playing back music now (though this may simply be because I can’t navigate to the music due to the screen being blank and not seeing what’s happening).

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!!!

Time to telephone SanDisk …

You could try doing the reset where you put the on switch down into the hold position and then hold the center button while plugging in to USB. But yeah, if it lights up and such except the screen, sounds like you’re hosed.

Sounds like a broken lead to or a defective OLED screen. SanDisk’s Tech Support is the proper call to make. They can get you set up for a warranty replacement. :wink:

I had exactly the same problem - I’m very active, and I think my clip was suffering from a buildup of sweat and road-grime inside.

Check out how I fixed my Sansa Clip here: