blank screen sansa clip 2 gb

I’ve bought sansa clip about two years ago. It had been working properly for about 22 months or so, but one day the screen went suddenly half blank. it didn’t interrupt listening to music much, so I just left the player be. About one month ago it went completely blank. I tried reseting (it didn’t help), formatting (it didn’t help). The screen is pitch black, sometimes I can see half of a word or so, but it doesn’t help me much in finding stuff, I’ve got to use the imagination, while I’m looking for tracks. 

My guaranty is probably not valid anymore and I don’t know where to look for it. I also did not find anything in the internet, so I’d appreciate any help.

Sadly, it sounds like the OLED display is having issues.  The Clip is covered by a twelve month warranty, but it sounds like your luck is similar to mine.

The good news is that the higher capacity Clips are available now, and there are some awesome deals out there.


I had exactly the same problem - I’m very active, and I think my clip was suffering from a buildup of sweat and road-grime inside.

Check out how I fixed my Sansa Clip here: