Sansa Clip - computer doesn't recognize music file

I have a Sansa Clip 8gb. It works OK. It connects to my PC (Windows 7) and charges. But when I open the music folder from the PC there is nothing in it. There is music on the clip and it plays. But nothing in the folder on my PC. The clip has firmware version: v02.01.35A. Its drive is up to date. Any ideas???

Try changing the player’s USB mode to MSC by going to Settings>System Settings>USB. If you still can’t see the files, try MTP mode instead. Files transferred in one mode are invisible to your PC when connected in the other mode (files transferred in either mode are always visible to the player itself, which is why they play even if the PC can’t find them). The third mode, “Auto Detect”, should be avoided as it can change between MTP and MSC between sessions without warning, depending on the whims of Windows.

Thanks for the assist. That was the problem. It was set to auto detect; MSC worked. Thanks agian.

hi, my sansa clip don recongnize my pc, when i connect on usb port, i read de forum but i dont have de opcion on setting usb please help me

I don’t think it’s a whim of windows, rather it’s the presence and version of WMP installed. Not sure what Rhapsordy supports I dont’ use either one for the clip. I know Linux uses MSC mode, not sure about the MAC or how either of those systems handle protected files.

Auto mode is a problem if you use more than one machine and it would have been better if Sansa had not included this mode.