Can't get music off of clip!

So I hung out with my friend last week and was showing off my Clip.  We were just sitting there listening to music and I decided that I wanted some of it on my player.  When we connected it to his Mac it couldn’t detect my music but had no trouble adding to the player. 

The songs play and all but now that I’m back home I can’t detect them on my PC.  I read the FAQ about making all hidden files visible and now have my PC set to “show hidden folders.”  Is there any way I can get the files off of my Clip and onto my PC?  Has anyone had similar problems?

Your friend’s mac would have probably connected the Clip as an MSC device.  If you’re using Windows, it’s probably connecting it as an MTP device.  Both work with the Clip, but they can’t see each other.  You need to force Windows to recognize your Clip as MSC.  If you’ve got the newest firmware, you can set the connection mode Under Settings > USB Mode.  If that’s not on your menu, you can force this by sliding the power button down to Lock and holding the center button while you plug it in.  Your Clip will now show up as a disk in Windows Explorer and you should be able to get what you need from it

Thanks!  How easy was that?  :slight_smile: