Computer won't recognize new player

Just bought a 2GB clip today at Best Buy.  Brought it home, plugged it in and computer keeps saying there is a malfunction with the USB device I installed.  Is this a defective player or what?  Please help!!

Like a million other threads in this forum have suggested:

  1. Try other USB ports on your PC.

  2. Try another PC.

  3. Reset the Clip (see your manual).

  4. Load the latest firmware on the Clip if you don’t have it on there already.

Obviously I hadn’t read a million other threads on here, but thanks for the help.  It was none of those problems though but I did get it working finally.  Thanks again.


I’m interested in the solution you finally found as I bought one Sansa clip today and my computer doens’t want to recognize the player despite I tried all solutions preconised by promisedplanet

Thanks in advance

Did you try connected in MSC mode?  With more recent firmware, Settings/USB/MSC; if your firmware doesn’t have that (and you should update the firmware to the latest firmware version (sticky thread at the top of the forum) after you make the connection, so as to set to MSC mode), player in hold and press the center button down while you connect the USB cable between player and computer. 

To operate in MTP mode (the other USB option, which allows DRM file transfer) you need at least Windows XP SP2 and WMP 10 (and glitches still seem to happen for some).

Not sure if this is what actually did it or not, but I installed Media Player 11 and then had no problems at all. 

Oh yeah, I should have thrown in “reinstall WMP” into my list.