Sansa clip + ; broken firmware, problems with manual installation of new one


My SC+ got flower stuck. Nothing seem to work - hard reset, msc connection(computer detect it as unknown device). When my system completely crashed and after 100 resets I’ve got on my PC flash disk with 32mb. I tried to use chkdsk but it doesnt work; raw file system. I want to copy and paste firmware but my W7 wants to format what doesnt work(“system windows can’t end format”). Any ideas?

The funny thing is MSC Connection - if I press middle button and connect via usb it shows me 30,6mb disk. BTW hard reset is working too because if I “launch” mp3 its the only method to turn off my MP3(my flower is not launching anymore). What should I do?

If I look in my device manager I can see m200plus - i’m sure that it is flash memory problem. Is there any way to install my firmware on  SC+? I can’t paste my firmware into it cuz of memory protection(I can’t copy/paste anything, I have no idea why). I have scanned that memory via test disk and it works perfect. It seem that the only problem is copying my firmware.

It seems like the flash memory in the player probably has become defective. How old is the player?

Perhaps it might be time to get a new player. If it is under a year old(US) or two years for the UK? you probably could get it replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty.

2,5 years old. What do you think about unbricking procedure with pins on the corner? It is good idea?

You could try the unbricking procedure. It seems like there is nothing to lose except your time and effort.

I would just get a new one. A 4GB Clip+ is now $35 in the US. If you gave it heavy usage, after 2.5 years 

it is likely the battery capacity is also greatly diminished, and the screen and the buttons are very worn. 

The screen, battery and dispay on these all wear out after quite a bit of usage, so even if you could get it working again with quite a bit of effort, something else is likely to break soon enough. Why bother? Just get a new one while they are easily available.

Well, my SC+ was in good condition, I mean like a brand new. It never fell, never switch off, by far battery is in good condition with the screen. It seems that i’m out of luck - its my 3rd SC+ within 4 years and I dont want to buy next one; i’m tired of warranty, repairing etc. I will try unbrick procedure from this site

Ok, so at first - I have to connect red or blue solders?

I never tried to unbrick one. 

I have been using Clip+ players for 5 years. I only broke one, being used over 4 years when I broke it, and that was breaking of the clip. The player still works fine. I do spread my usage over a few players though, so that helps increase the longevity in years of each.

Tommorow I will try unbrick procedure :wink: