Sansa Clip "Battery Low"

ello. Im having some trouble with my Sansa Clip. I recharged it like 3 times by leaving it overnight hooked 2 my comp. Im sure it was plugged in since i saw the lights go off but everytime i unplug it to my computer and i try to turn it on i get the battery low message and it just shuts off by itself. One time it showed me a screen with the battery cracked im not sure if that meant anything but any help would be appreciated. ty

I got my sansa about a month and a half ago. 

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The microprocessor in the Clip controls the charging cycle.  If the processor gets bogged down trying to establish communication, I have seen it “forget” to charge.  Do you see the “connected”  logo on the device?

SanDisk requires XP / SP2 and Windows Media Player 10 / 11 for the Clip- the primary reason is for the MTP support, and USB 2.0 high power USB charging.

The Clip wants about 200ma charge current maximum; a USB 1.0 port can struggle to provide that, though it will work.

If you are using a laptop, be sure that you’re running on the AC adaptor for the machine, as many laptops limit power while running on the internal battery, for obvious reason.

Connect your Clip, and go to My Computer.  Hopefully, it will be found under “other devices”.  If the Clip has NOT nbeen assigned a drive letter, it’s talking in MTP mode.  This is perfect for our test:  RIGHT-CLICK on the device, and select “properties”.  Hopefully, you will see a charge status icon, whick I hope is over 50 per cent, and is green?

If the sansa is NOT under “other”, it will hopefully be under “devices with removeable storage”, with a drive letter assigned.  In this case, it’s communicating, but you can’t peek at the status.

In both of these cases, the Clip has established communication.  If the Clip is not showing up, unplug it, and slide the power switch to the ON position, HOLDING it in this position for 10 seconds.  It will reset.  Now, flip the power switch to the opposite position, the LOCK position (orange showing).  Open My Computer again.  Now, HOLD the center button down while connecting to the PC, but don’t let go of the button.  Thsi forces connection in MSC mode.  The device should be recognized within 15-20 seconds maximum.

Once it is connected, look at the battery icon on the device: does the logo “roll” indicating charging now?

Let us know…

Bob  :dizzy_face:

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I have the exact same problem right now. My office PC (WinXP/SP2) detects it for a while, but then the charging just stops. I look at the device manager and there’s a yellow exclamation on it. Tried the driver but it says no need for XP. Your solution worked! THANKS!

But what if the sansa clip doesn’t have any power left? Can I just put the lock on, hold the middle button and plug it into a PC and it will detect it the same way?

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