Charging problems

I’ve only charged this once before using a desktop and charged fine. I have it connected to a laptop and it says it’s connected with a full battery symbol and arrows pointing between the sansa and monitor. But after disconnecting it, battery low showes up and then shuts off. Is it because the laptop usb port is low power? Besides buying an ac charger, any other ideas on charging this? Thanks

Is the laptop on when you charge?  Otherwise, many don’t charge when off.  Also, try a different USB port (such as, on the back of the laptop)?  There can be differences.

There are a few issues:

First, the battery display sometimes will be misleading upon disconnect- I have seen several Clips display low or half-full on disconnect, then after refreshing, the display is correct.

Second, you mention that the device powers off after disconnect.  Verify this by trying any of the controls- see if it wakes up, and it’s not just a display timeout.

Third, try connecting in MTP mode, as the power management function (USB 2.0?) display can help verify the charge status.  While connected in MTP mode, open My Computer and look up the Clip: right click on the Clip, and select Properties.  A charge status graphic should show up.  How is the charge?

Fourth, and lastly, if the battery is low, the power management system of the Clip begins with a big drink, at a high charge rate.  You need an almost 200mA capability at the port for this (I’d love to measure the actual rate from a live port, but that requires fabricating a jumper lead with USB connections).  A laptop often doesn’t drive the USB port properly, especially under batteries.  In fact, most people don’t realize that the laptop CPU often runs at reduced clock speed when not plugged in, to save power.  Watch the battery icon on the device: if it isn’t waving, it isn’t actively charging.

Oh, and remember that the Clip’s processor has the battery management task.  If the Clip is busy trying to establish communication, it can get distracted from its charging duties.

Bob  :smiley:

I’m having a problem similar to ralphd.  This is the first time I am trying to charge my 4gb clip.   

I have plugged it into all usb ports in my laptop (which is turned on and in its docking station), and it does the same thing each time I plug it in - the ring lights up and the battery icon shows filling and it says “connected” and “writing” and the arrows show going back and forth between the clip and the monitor.   

It does this for about 45 seconds, then the battery icon stops filling and it just says “connected.”  It looks like it isn’t charging for about 3-4 minutes, then the ring lights up and the battery icon shows filling…essentially, the whole process starts all over again.  I left it on the computer for about 2 hours, and when I unplugged it, I got a “low battery” message.  

I haven’t tried Neutron Bob’s suggestion about connecting in MTP mode yet because it shuts off (not just a time out of the display) as soon as I unplug it from my laptop, so I can’t get to the menu to change it.   

I haven’t downloaded the installation CD yet, but it looks like that is only the Best Buy Music Store manager.   

I would be very happy to get some suggestions!