Sansa Clip Audio Book displaying incorrect time position and losing listening position

I am listening to an audio book MP3 that is 11:59:30 hrs long. Everytime I pause the audio file and let the player power down the player will lose the listening position (the time display doesnt change, just the listening position). It appears that 1/2 hr of displayed time = 1 hr of listening time. This may sound confusing so I will try to explain with an example below.

I power up the clip and find the correct listening position on the clip by fast forwarding or rewinding. The player displays 2:37:03 at this position (in media player, its actually over 5 hrs). I listen to an hour of audio, then pause the book at 3:37:03, and let the player power off from inactivity. I power back on and it says I am at 3:37:03, but when I hit resume I have to rewind to around 3:03:00 to get back to where I left off. Very annoying. Confirmed on 2 seperate sansa clip players, both at firmware level 01.01.30A.

Is this a single file that is 12 hours long? What format is it? WMA? MP3? What bitrate? Others have said that they have had trouble with very long files on the Clip and Fuze. Perhaps you could find software to cut these very long files into a few files that are each half an hour or an hour in length?

It is a single file MP3 sampled @ 192kbps. I broke the file up into smaller sections to work around this error, but I wanted to make sure that the flaw was known so that it could be addressed in the next firmware release.