SansaClip Stops Playing

I like to listen to audio books and lately every time I have one loaded the sansaclip will play for a while and then it will just stop. It will not even fast forward. I have to reset the unit to even get back to the home screen. Any help would be appreciated!

p.s. I know it has nothing to do with the size of the books, it does it no matter what the size is. I have even tried only loading 1 chapter at a time and it still does it.

Is it an mp3 file ?
Try testing it with one of the test utilities, e.g.mp3test

I have run into corupted mp3 files, doing things just like you describe.  I’ll look into test utilities too…didn’t know of their existence!  I’ve had the Clip just freeze up mid-play.  I’d bet this is your problem in this case.

Bob :dizzy_face:

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