Sansa Clip+ and windows 7

I have had the unit for just over a year and at the time I connected and uploaded music on windows 7. I lost it for a year and now want to use it again but I’m having a lot of trouble with windows 7. I can plug in the usb and get the unit working while it charges, and the installation disc tries to connect with Rhapsody but just when it all looks good I get a message “windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems (code 43)” and I get options “try again” and “abort”. Can anyone help with this?

The link above should reinstall the Windows Media Player driver that Rhapsody needs. See if that does the job.

However, it also sounds like you may have been  sending your synced music over with DRM (Digital Rights Misery), so a new computer thinks it’s not yours. That would be something you need to work out with via Rhapsody Customer. But it may be as simple as re-authorizing your Rhapsody account on the new computer. 

Here are SanDisk’s suggestions:

If those steps don’t work call Rhapsody Customer Service. You’re paying for it–it should work. Here’s the Rhapsody advice:

Until you get Rhapsody working, go to Settings/System Settings/USB and change it to MSC (It’s probably on Auto), and you can simply copy-and-paste mp3 files directly onto the unit or Removable Drive (the card).You won’t see your other music when the player pops up–the computer can ONLY see one mode at a time (MTP or MSC). But the Clip will see all the playable files on the unit.

Rhapsody goes via MTP, which  uses a driver in Windows Media Player.  Auto chooses MTP if Windows Media Player is on your computer, MSC if not.