Rhapsody malfunction

My Clip Zip is fine while plugged into my computer until I open Rhapsody software to sync, then it immediately shuts down and my computer give me a warning that it doesn’t recognize my device.  then have to reset my Clip Zip to get it to power up.

After resetting, does your player work and get recognized by your computer?

Here are some articles you can refer to :

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Let us know if this helps!

Yes, it is recognized, until I try to connect with Rhapsody again.

Thank you for the links…I’ll update you with the results.

Tried the info included in the links and no resolve. Again, the issue is caused by Rhapsody.

I never used Rhapsody, but perhaps Rhapsody is expecting to see the player in MTP mode, and the player was connected to the pc in MSC mode? Check the USB mode set on the player>Settings, system settings, USB mode. MTP mode is typically needed to transfer protected files.