спалил прошивку заводскую и теперь мой sansa clip + 8gb как флешка мне служит как изменить это ?

I need a factory firmware sansa clip + 8gb I deleted everything from ISO factory firmware Sansa Clip + KGB 

Not many here speak Russian. But translated using Google Translate it comes out as:

Subject: set fire to the factory firmware and now my sansa clip + 8gb flash drive as me is how to change it?

Help set the factory firmware for sansa clip + KGB.

I lost her when I tried to write on my sansa clip + KGB image and I formatted everything that was on it!

I don’t really think you meant to say you set your player on fire, and I’m not sure of the KGB reference (that brings up some awful Cold War images for us in the the States), but you can find thelatest firmware here and (maybe using Google Translate) follow the manual install directions. I would not advise using the Updater.

But having said that, formatting the player would not wipe out or erase the firmware, only the music, etc. files you have put on it. Maybe you could try to explain the problem you are having a bit better?


I would like to use the player Sansa Clip + 8GB as a USB flash drive to install windows on the ISO as an image, firmware, and I formatted the Sansa Clip + 8 GB flash drive, there is now no player

I need a factory firmware sansa clip + 8gb

I need a factory firmware sansa clip + 8gb

Click on the link in my previous post. :smiley:

sansa clip + 8gb has no basis I deleted it through the ISO