How can i get the original firmware for the sansa clip?

I downloaded too much on my sansa clip, and it gave the me the message not enough room fo music database, please free up 30 mb.  I tried to plug it in to my computer to make the room, but the same message was displayed.  After a few attempts of pluggin it in and trying to turn it on so i could make room, it just wasnt working.  So my sister’s boyfriend suggested that i reset the firmware.  Im no tech savvy so i went along with it, and let him do it.  I can’t find the firmware for it now, and i threw out the box a day or two after i got it.  Basically i’d appreciate it if someone could give me the original firmware, or tell me where to find it.  Again im not a techie person so this all confuses me a little, but i just want to gt it running again, b/c now it doesnt even turn on.

Try looking here.


i dont want to update it, i want the original thing, because the first thing it says in your link is turn on your sanse device, which mine doesnt do, T.T if i try to turn it on nothing happens.

sorry about that accpeted solution, i though the button let your choose if it was, then i though clicking it again took it off


The firmware is protected in the Sansa’s reserved partition.  Formatting the device, for example, clears the data area of memory only.

First, we need to power up your Clip.  Hold the power switch in the ON position for 20 seconds, 30 maximum.  It will perform a soft reset of the device.  Then see if it will power up normally.


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normally my sister’s bf is a very tecchie guy, he built his comp so i trusted him when he said to delete the firmware, i tried what u said and nothing happens, i cant turn it on.

Did he say reset the firmware, or delete it?  Deleting the firmware wouldn’t make sense, your Clip would be unable to operate without it.  Plus there’s no way to do that, anyway.

Does the Clip turn on if you plug it into a wall charger (AC adapter)?

i’m pretty sure it was a reset, i pressed the middle, home and power buttons, and i dont have a wall charger, but it doesn’t charge when i plug it into the computer(how i normally charge it).

i checked on my friends, and it says erase firm ware when i do the home center power thing, and it does charge on his computer, but it still gives me a no room for music database please clear 30 mb of room.

Your live advice from outside this board sounds absolutely loony, and why would they know anything about it anyway. Have you thought of reading the excellant clip pdf manual that can be found on the sansa web site?

One approach is to delete music files directly on the clip (if it lets you) rather than via a pc.

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1 spelling, 2 be nice, 3 my friend has the same thing in black, mine is blue.  Yes i looked thru the online manual, it  didnt hav what i need.  I want to know how to format it basically, because it doesnt let me do it maually, and it isnt recognized by my computer. If u wanna pick a fight go to youtube.

Easiest thing to do is connect the device is MSC (holding the centre button as you did on your friend’s pc) and reformatting from windows (right click the drive and choose format).  However if you don’t have your music on your computer this may not be the right option for you, as you will lose everything on the clip and would need to transfer it again.