Sansa Clip 2gb

I have a sansa clip 2gb. It worked fine with my computer earlier, but I have not changed music on it in a while. I decided to connect it to my computer to put some music on it, but it does not show an icon for it in My Computer. When I plug it in it asks me if I want to open it in Windows Media Player or in Winamp or do nothing. The only thing that does something is to open it in Windows Media Player. Windows Media Player does not show that I have any music on the Sansa Clip. I know there are 180 songs on the Sansa Clip right now and I can listen to them, but how do I add songs if I can’t see it in My Computer??? I run the firmware undate put it did not fix this porblem. My desktop is running windows xp pro SP3 and my laptop is running windows vista. I tried to connect it to my laptop but it shows some files that are not mine on the sansa clip. My music is still on there, I just can’t change it because I can’t see my music with my computers. Please help.

Can you try forcing an MSC USB mode connection?  Clip off and on hold (on switch all the way down until you see the orange), hold the center button down while connecting your Clip to your computer.

thanks that worked :slight_smile:


If you still have issues with making a normal connection, you could try, if not recently done:  a system re-set–Clip off, hold the on switch uppermost for 15-20 seconds; a reapplication of the firmware (it could have become corrupted over time)–see the sticky thread on firmware upgrade at the top of the forum; and/or a reformat, from the Clip’s settings (note:  this will erase your content on the Clip).