please help me out

I have sansa mp3 player of 2GB. I am unable to connect it to my pc.

whenever i connect it to my usb drive it is only charged and not detected please let mt knoe the problem.

thank you.

and also tell me how to format it

Are you using the USB cable that came with the Clip? (If so, good)

Did you by any chance buy your Clip at Best Buy, and install the proprietary software disc that they ionclude with it? (If so…bad!)

To format: 

On the Clip, Settings, format.

To connect: 

Try using MSC mode:  On the Clip, set Settings, USB to MSC or, if you don’t have that, put the Clip in hold, and then connect the USB cable between the Clip and your computer while holding the Clip’s center button down.  If that works, upgrade to the latest firmware (see the sticky thread at the top of the forum) so that you have the Settings, USB option, and set it to MSC.

Hope this helps.

I have the same problem., no pc that used to see the device can see it now.  Device never displays connected message…plus I cannot put the clip in MSC mode (no settings/MSC mode option and Lock/center button does not work.  Also, a reset holding the power switch does not indicate anything was reset.  The clip will play what is on the device, it will charge fine. 

This seem to happen after a full drain of the battery.  after the next recharge, it stopped connecting when plugged in. 

thank you for help.

i got to know how to format the sansa clip.

but the problem is that whenever i connect

it to my laptop which os is windows vista it

gets connected fast

but when i connect it to my pc it shows that

it is connected as the green icon appears in

task bar but it is not shown in my computer. 

I am not using the cable i got with the sansa clip.

Plz help me out with this. 

Do you use the same cable to connect the Clip to the PC and the laptop?

(Just trying to rule out the obvious- not all USB cables are the same…some have more connector pins inside…)