Sansa Clip: when connected to a pc it's charging, but not detect by my PC.

hi guys, this is my first post and i hope i’m posting it in the right thread, anyway here’s my problem… when i connect my sansa clip to my pc i can see it’s charging but my clips is not detected. i have tried all of my usb ports and all of my usb cables and still nothing. i’ve all tried putting it on hold and pressing the middle button, nudah! pls help me on this.

thanks in advance.


from the philippines

I just got one for Christmas and I’m having the same problem.  I think it’s our PC, according to Sansa, “The Sansa players support Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista and above.”  We only have XP Pro…wish I’d gotten an ipod…sigh.

If your player has more recent firmware on it, try setting its Settings/USB to MSC mode, in which the Clip is seen like a removable drive.  That should work on most systems (including XP Pro).  If you don’t have that settings option, force MSC mode by holding the center button down while you connect the USB cable between your player and the computer (and then upgrade to the latest firmware so you don’t have to do this everytime).

Hope this helps.

I am having this same issue. I tried setting MSC in the USB Mode option under Settings. I even tried forcing MSC mode using the Hold switch method and it is still going from Connected -> Writing -> Disconnected -> Connected -> writing -> etc. and so forth.

I have Windows XP Pro w/ SP2 and WMP11. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I am having the exact same problem.  When I changed to MSC, my computer would at least recognize briefly before disconnecting again, but basically the same results.  Connected - Writing - Disconnected over and over.  I hope to hear some solutions prior to me returning the Clip.


hi, it’s me again, i forgot to include the system info of my sansa. it say’s:


Memory 1949MB

Free 1927

and i more thing i dont have MSC Mode on my clip. i think i still have the original firmware version.

i have tried to force MSC Mode: putting on hold while pressing middle button. still nothing. is there any other way?

will someone help me pleeeasse.

thanks in advance


I am having all the problems that everyone else has. I have Windows XP SP2 and everything else you need, and I can’t force it into MSB mode.


Did you guys try opening up Windows Media Player and seeing if it recognizes the San Disk while it’s connected?

I’m also assuming that you right-clicked “My Computer” and then selected “Explore” and looked through all your drive listings to see if the SanDisk appears in that list.

I had the same problem until I downloaded Media player 10.  That or I got lucky.

The problem is not that the computer isnt reconizing it.  It is showing it for the second it takes to connect and disconnect. like one of the previous posts stated it connectes then writes and then disconnects all in the matter of about 1-3 seconds.