Sansa Clip 2GB: filesystem corrupted

hello there,
I’ve got a problem with my Sansa Clip:
While copying @ 1.5G of mp3’s it got disconnected after 327616B and after that it’s impossible to copy or erase anything off the unit. It connects to a PC [after longer time than usual], there is new folder named ##MUSIC# but after any operation with files it gets disconnected and no change on filesystem. Some directories with former mp3s are full of garbage files, undeletable.

No chance to reflash firmware, holding ON slider for 10s doesn’t help, formatting from inside of the unit doesn’t help, even erasing files one by one doesn’t do anything. Sliding to HOLD and pressing button while connecting to PC doesn’t help - after a while copying/deleting/formatting it gets disconnected and no change made.

Can you help me, please?

I have the same problem with my 4gb clip and have tried everything I can find.  Any new suggestions would be helpful.

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Can you use your computer to re-format the Clip?  (Right click on the Clip icon.)

You have two open avenues:

First, connect in MSC mode.  You can force a manual MSC connection by starting with the Clip OFF.  Slide the power switch to the HOLD position (orange showing).  Press and hold the center button while plugging in your Clip.  Hold the button until it displays “connected”.

Open a Windows Explorer window by pressing [Windows key] + E, or you can go via My Computer.

Your Clip will show up as E: SANSA CLIP for example.  Simply right click and choose Format.

Right Click and select Eject.

Unplug your Clip, and on the device, go to Settings > Format > Yes.  This will optimize the memory on the device.

If you cannot access the device to format, open a DOS prompt, and using the drive letter seen for the device, say E: in this example, enter the command chkdsk e: /f where E is the assigned letter, and /f tells the utility to fix the errors.  Once this is done, you should be able to format the device and reload with music.

I like the handy trick of pressing [Windows key] + R, opening a “run box”.  Enter cmd and press Enter.  In the new box that opens, you can access the chkdsk utility.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: