Sansa c200 my computer stopped recognizing it!

I have had my 2GB Sansa c200 mp3 player for a couple years, and it has worked perfectly until this morning.  I was syncing some music last night before bed, but then fell asleep while doing so and just closed my laptop, which turned it off.  I’ve done this before when nothing has been connected to it and it’s been fine.  So, when I woke up this morning and turned my computer back on to continue syncing my music, the computer wouldn’t recognize it.  It called it an “unknown driver.”  

I did the regular Windows troubleshooting, re-installed the driver software, checked for Windows updates, and did all the other troubleshooting I could think of.  I also removed the device from Devices and Printers on my laptop.  

What can I do???  

Also, how bad is it that I sometimes just shut my computer without shutting down or hibernating?  Is there a difference?


  Unknown Device is not working properly
Windows has detected a problem with Unknown Device.
Device information
Name:ID:Error code:
Unknown Device
View device details
View details about Unknown Device and check if there is a solution available.
  Problem with PnP devices
There are problems with some PnP devices. Windows will take additional steps to further troubleshoot these devices.