Finally got computer to recognize my Sansa c200

I see quite a few posts on this subject.  So I thought I’d put up the solution that worked for me.

I’m running Windows 7.  My device is labelled c200 (but it showed up as c250 when my computer finally recognized it). 

The first thing I did was run all updates for Win 7…which included a new service pack.  I also updated the firmware on my device.  But my computer still didn’t recognize it.

Then I came across instructions for changing the device from MPT to MSC mode.  I went through that process and my computer immediately recognized the device.  It auto downloaded the driver for the c250, then it showed up in my media player.  I was able to do everything the same as I always had. 

Here’s the process I followed:

_ For e200v1, e200R, and c200v1 :_
1. On your Sansa player, press and hold the Power/Menu button for 15 seconds to turn the device completely off.
2. Slide the Hold switch so the orange portion shows.
_3. On your PC, double-click My Computer _
4. On your Sansa player, press and hold the REC button while connecting it to the PC.
5. Release the REC button when a 16MB-FORMAT drive partition appears under My Computer.

More info here:

Hope this helps some of you going through the same frustrating problem I was faicng.

This is so informational.Almost all the users here in Sandisk is more updated than the company.IDK.