Won't work?

I have my Sansa since one month or so, and it worked well since now. When I connect it to my computer, it stay not opened and my computer says he doesn’t recognize it. I think it may be because I didn’t disconnect it well last time, but what can I do?


Thank you.


(Sorry if there is mistakes in the text, English is my second language) :smiley:

I had the same problem.   I solved it by doing a Hardware Reset, per the User Manual  (Hold Select and Volume Up <+> simultaneously.  It didn’t erase my audio files, just reset the hardware. My computer then recognized it properly.


– Orv –

Thanks! It worked for me too! :smiley:

Worked for me too, my sandisk kept the connected screen on after my computer desided to reset itself (stupid windows update I think) and I couldn’t get it off.