Sansa c140 - need to get to recovery mode

OK I’m trying everything I can find on the net to set my 1GB c140 to recovery mode. I formatted it in Windows and I have no music folder - tht only thing I see when I connect it is a RECORD folder.

I want to set it back for factory default. I’ve got the recovery tool loaded on my PC. The button sequence in some pdf instructions does not work for me (shows there is a right button, but the c140 only has the circular button). Still I tried all kinds of power-on, button pressing sequences and I can never get “recovery needed” to show on the player.

Does anyone know how to get the c140 into “recovery needed” state? Thanks,

In case anyone is interested, I fixed this using Windows 7 and Media Player 12. It detected the unit properly, so I used the WMP format and sync process. Seems to have configured the storage properly.