sansa c 140 need to reset original setting

after an unsuccesfull photos transfer to my c140, i disconnect the usb cable. My c140 was displaying the message “wait” . After about 1 minute, i thought it was frozen so i took the battery of. When i put it back in and try to power it on, it was stuck on the Sandisk logo. After some try i was able to get it on normally again and all my song was still there and work normally. The problem is that now my PC recognise it but don’t see anything on it an i can’t transfer any new song in it.When i explore my c140 whit Windows , i can’t see my music,in a folder there 4 files whit no name(just an icon).I think i need to reset the original settings but i don’t know how. I have download the RECOVERY TOOL PROGRAM from the Sandisk site but the technique to prepare the mp3 player before to plug it to the PC isn’t working whit my c140. I think it made for newer models. help me please!

the sansa connect tool is for the sansa connect mp3 player, not any other model.

You can try to format it (the steps on in the how to videos) while in msc mode.

i don’t know if formatting will reset or repair the “system” files that where in my c140 when it was new or just delete the music and settings that i’ve done. I don’t want to be stuck whit an empty player impossible to reload.

its probably better then having a player you can never add/delete stuff on.

You can format the c100 all day long without breaking it, as long as you don’t do a low-level format or anything of that nature that may damage the partition table.  The Format option present in the Windows Explorer will work fine.  

I have the Sansa c150.  How do I make the Fm radio work.  It does not come up on the display.