C140 format problem

I was formatting my c140 and it got interupted by a power outage. When I started the c140 I get nothing but blank screens now. When I go into windows explorer all I can do is see the sansa c140 sign in the folders menu but it won;t let me reformat it again.

It also won’t show up in disk management as a mass storage device.

I’m using Xp-sp2 with media player 11 … which is neither here or there since I can’r format the thing in the first place.

When I do turn it on all I get is pretty colored blank screens. But I do get the pictures of the microphone, the settings , pictures etc.

Any ideas how to recover the original setings or reload the firmware?


Kim hagey

I have had the same problem with a c130. In the end i bought an Ipod, but i’m still wondering how to fix this one. I mean there has to be a way to re-format the device…

I am having a tough time finding the software drivers on this website at all.  I bought a refurb C140 with no docs at all.  Come to find out that it is supposed to be on the website but it’s MIA so far as I can tell.  Without anything but a player and the headphones, it can’t do much for what it costs.  It is a nice FM stereo radio but I wanted more.  Reasonable?

Oh by the way, I thought I found a firmware upgrade that is supposed to recover the factory settings on the player in your case.  Check out the downloads under firmware upgrades on the website.

Sorry I forgot to mention this to you in the last posting.