Formating problem

I was formatting my c140 and it got interupted by a power outage. When I started the c140 I get nothing but blank screens now. When I go into windows explorer all I can do is see the sansa c140 sign in the folders menu but it won;t let me reformat it again.

It also won’t show up in disk management as a mass storage device.

I’m using Xp-sp2 with  … which is neither here or there since I can’r format the thing in the first place.

When I do turn it on all I get is pretty colored blank screens. But I do get the pictures of the microphone, the settings , pictures etc.

Any ideas how to recover the original setings or reload the firmware?

I don’t have a c100 unit, so I can’t help you directly.

However, I can adivse you to post this request in the MP3 Legacy board, where youll have a better chance of getting someone who can help you. The e100 & c100 series players are hidden here, so it’s not surprising that you couldn’t find any reference to your player at first glance.

It’s unlikely to garner much attention here in the Sansa Updater board. :wink:

Good Luck!