C140 Hung -- How to reset?

I’ve had my C140 hang up on me a few times, usually just after downloading songs from my PC. What has always worked for me is to pull the battery and reinstall it. But this time, the player is stuck in the hung state. I can power it on and it initializes and shows me the screen as though it’s ready to start playing, but at that point all buttons are dead and I can only power it off again by pulling the battery. In this state, it also does not connect to the PC either.

Is there some other button combo that effectively does a “hard reset”, even if it clears everything in memory? The player is unusable now.

I see from searching the forum that I’m not the only one who’s had this problem, and it looks like I’m pretty much hosed. This was an el-cheapo refurb unit, but it’s a shame that the device is unusable due to what’s obviously a software problem! Anyway, I dug out my old SDMX1, which at least has never let me down.

If your c140 is frozen at the SanDisk screen and takes about 7-10 minutes to advance to the next screen, I have found one posting on the internet that I couldn’t believe worked, but it actually does.  I hope this works for you:

  1. put battery in backward

2. press power button

  1. take battery out and put in correctly

4.  power on C140.

After I did this, the media player only took a few seconds to continue on to the language selection screen like it is supposed to on intial setup. and you probably will need to format it, but at least the computer will recognize it so you can format it. 

While speaking with tech support about another issue, I also asked them about this.  I was told that the reason this happens is that somehow the files becomes corrupted and it makes the unit take much longer to startup than it otherwise should.  I was told that you should be able to just take the battery out and press and hold the power button for a few seconds which should do the same thing.  I haven’t had mine freeze up again, so I haven’t been able to test out the official SanDisk method, but I know the first one I posted worked great for me.

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