C100 - Forezen on SanDisk screen

When I try to turn on my Players its stuck on and SanDisk Screen.  Thuis happened after tring to sync my player using VCast after downloading some music  Any help or suggestions on how to reset the device so it works again?

Message Edited by MrSmileyFace on 10-03-2007 06:00 PM

I read you have to press the power button for like twenty seconds to do a hard reset. Haven’t tried it myself.

same thing happend to me with my c140, but i was using the device the normal way…just dragging and dropping mp3s.   I’ve sent tech support emails to sandisk last week, but no response yet.

odd, i always get prompt replies from sandisk.  Did you check your junk or spam folder? thats where my replies ended up, until i fixed it.