Screen doen't turn on after I think trying everything....

Help I think I tried everything!

A few weeks ago I found my old SanDisk Sansa clip zip mp3 player and I thought: Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while… I tried to use it and then I remembered I stopped using it a long time ago because it froze and I tried some things…

I tried to connect it to my computer and tried to reset it and I tried more things like doing things on my pc… But it didn’t work…

I remembered when I got my first smartphone I grabbed this micro sd card (at that time it didn’t work already) and used it for my phone. I don’t know if that adds to the way to fix it.

My computer can see it but the SanDisk doesn’t do anything…

I hope maybe one of you out there can maybe help me! I would really appreciate that!

If you have more questions email me at or post below this question!

Here is my desperation trick when my oldest Clip Sport will not turn on (even with > 75% charge).

   Connect the player to a 1.0 amp charger (not computer USB).

   Press and hold down on the start button until the display screen turns gray (then let go).

   Press and hold on the start button until the screen turns off (then let go).

   Hopefully the player will display the SanDisk start-up logo.  :smiley: Then maybe then leave the player on charger for 2-3 hours.

   If “no joy”, then maybe the player needs some expert brain surgery?

Best WIshes

Thank you but I can’t even get my player to turn on with a grey screen…

Thank you for the reply.