My sandisk clip sport is not turning on

Its been only 3months since i bought this player, It was working fine until today night at 11pm*. Then when i tried to transfer data from computer to my music player, it didn’t recognize nor it turned on. Is there any way to turn it on? Do help me.
Thanks in advance

*1st of september, 2014 at 11pm

Did you try a reset, by holding the power button down for 30-60 seconds?  That sometimes can do the trick.

even holding on the power button for 60 seconds, it didn’t turn on :-/ !!

is there any other alternative? 

Have you pressed the power button again after reset?

If it won’t start, you might try plugging it into wall power and let it charge for a day or 2–a trickle charge sometimes has been known to set the player aright again.

@jazz wrote:

Have you pressed the power button again after reset?

Agreed. Many people assume that pressing the power button for 20-30 secs. (as is always recommended) resets the player, which it does but . . . It’s not going to come on by itself while holding the button down. You have to hold the button for the prescribed time  then _ release the button _. THEN _ press the power button again _ to start it up normally.

It got turned on the very next day… but it was out of charge… so i charged for nearly 2hrs in my system…!
and the next day i tried to turn on, it didn’t turn on… nor recognized by using the USB
and the next day when i turned on it didn’t work, i tried continuously and it showed low battery and it went off again…!
and now today i have charged it for 3full hours…!
as of now it is fine , i don’t know what would happen to this device in the future :-/ 

Glad it’s up and running!  Hopefully, the gremlins will now stay away . . . .

Hey, so my Sandisk wont turn on, all it does is just shows the word “SanDisk” then it turns right on. Even charging it for 4 or 5 hours wont turn it on. This is my second mp3 player and im getting sick of it. I already formatted it to see it would help and it did not. Is their any way to get it to turn on? Much appreicated.

I was also unable to turn on my Sandisk today. Can somebody please let me know what I need to read to learn how to have a Sandisk reliably turn on when I want it to? I’m reading through the user manual and all I can find is “hold the power button for three seconds.”