Sandisk clip sport won't turn on or charge, possible fix!

Once again, the wifes mp3 player ran out of battery, then seemingly wouldn’t charge or turn on. Tried the 20-30 sec holding power button reset, but still wouldn’t come on. This time I hooked up a usb power meter in series with the charger. It appeared fixed at .021A going to the clip sport. Whilst plugged in, tried the hard reset again, after approx 20+secs, the amperage jumped momentarily to about .3A, quickly released the power button, then hit it again, and the mp3 came alive ! Its now charging at about .103A, working normally. So it may be that the power button has to pressed immediately after the reset finishes, (?), which, without the meter on the device, is hard to guess. Anyways has worked twice so far, fingers crossed :slight_smile:

Its actually a clip jam not a clip sport, apologies